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Why offer Voluntary benefits?

It is in the news almost every day that Health care is broken! With the uncertainty of the future of health insurance in the US, companies are faced with the challenge of attracting and retaining quality employees. Corporate America has seen a massive increase in medical insurance premiums which is forcing companies to either scale back on the benefits they offer or completely do away with the offer of insurance. Businesses are looking at other ways to enrich their overall benefit plans to make more attractive to their workforce. Voluntary Benefits represent a way to show the overall employers commitment to their employees and their families. Voluntary Benefits have little to no impact on the employer’s budget as they are typically funded by the employee.

We currently offer the following voluntary products:

Life Insurance
Life Insurance provides financial security for employees and their families. Many employees appreciate the extra security of additional life insurance coverage. We offer term and permanent life policies from leading carriers.

Disability Insurance (Short Term Disability/Long Term Disability)
Disability Insurance offers additional financial security for employees who are unable to do “their job” due to a covered illness or injury. These plans generally provide a portion of an employee’s salary for a specified period of time to help them pay their bills.

Critical Illness Insurance
Aids employees and their families avoid financial hardship that is related to a major illness by filling the financial gaps left by traditional health insurance, such as; co pays, deductibles, and non-medical costs associated with treating a critical illness. These policies typically pay partial benefits or full benefits when a patient is diagnosed with a covered condition, such as a heart attack or stroke.

Cancer Insurance
Aids those diagnosed with cancer and their families avoid financial hardship. These policies typically pay benefits for direct costs (e.g., inpatient hospital stays, surgical procedures), as well as indirect costs (e.g., lodging and transportation expenses).

Accident Insurance
Accident Insurance provides additional funds for employees and their families in the event of an accidental injury. Accident Insurance fills in the gaps left by traditional medical insurance such as co pays and deductibles by providing benefits for such expenses as; inpatient hospital stays, emergency room treatment and physical therapy.

Long Term Care Insurance
Aids to help cover the costs of long term care such as; assisted living facility, a nursing home or home-based care.

Universal Life Insurance
Universal Life Insurance is a type of Whole life insurance. Universal Life differs from other whole life policies in that it allows the policy owner to vary, with limitations, the amount and timing of premium payments and the death benefit.

Whole Life Insurance
Whole Life insurance that pays a benefit on the death of the insured and also accumulates a cash value

Dental Insurance
A type of policy designed to cover your dentist visits and procedures that are often not covered by managed care health plans


AllState/American Heritage
Alternative Healthcare Options
American Family Life Assurance Company
American Fidelity Assurance Company
American General Life Insurance Company
American Life Insurance Company
Assurity Life Insurance Company
Baltimore Life Insurance Company/ASI
Bankers National Life Insurance Company
GE (Benefit Solutions)
Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company
Life Insurance Company of Boston & New York
Careington International Corporation
Colonial Life & Accident
Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Company
Combined Insurance Company
Concord Group Insurance Companies
Connecticut General Life
Conseco Life Insurance Company
Continental Advantage Worksite
Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services
Covenant Life Insurance
Crownlife Insurance Company
Equitable Insurance Company
Fidelity Security Life/Eye Med
First Penn-Pacific Life Insurance Company
Great Southern Life
HELP Legal
Highmark Insurance Company
Illinois Mutual
Independent Life
Investment Life Insurance Company of America
ITT Life Insurance Corporation
Jefferson Pilot Financial
John Hancock Life Insurance Company (USA)
Legal Access
Life of Virginia
Lincoln National Life
Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company
Metropolitan Life Insurance
Mid-Continent Life Insurance Company
Mony Life Insurance Company of America
National Benefit Life
National Farmers Union Life 51
National Travelers Life Company
National Vision Administrators
New York Life
Oxford Life Insurance Company
Paragon Life Insurance Company
Pet Assure
Philadelphia American Life Insurance
Phoenix National Insurance Company
Premier Pet Insurance
Protective Life
Provident Life & Accident Insurance
Prudential Insurance Company
Reliance Standard Life Insurance
Security Mutual
Texas Life
Trans-General Life Insurance Company
Traveler’s Life Insurance
Trustmark Voluntary Benefits
U.S. Life/Old Line Life Insurance
Union Central Life Insurance
United Fidelity
Unum/First Unum
USLIC in City of New York
Utica Life Insurance Company
VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance)
Wilton Re

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