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When our Benefits Consultants are at your worksite, they will personally meet with your employees. During these meetings, the Benefits Consultant will take the time to explain each benefit.  This can be for both core or just voluntary benefits and they will electronically enroll them into their selections.  There is a couple ways the enrollment can be done; electronically, traditional - complete and signed paper enrollment or one on one. We have found the “One on One” process to be the most efficient and successful.

One on One Enrollment 

Our Benefits Consultants will electronically enroll your employees on a one-to-one basis into their voluntary and/or core benefits through our proprietary enrollment software. Company and Employee data is always protected through multiple security measures.  We have found that this type of enrollment is the most effective way to communicate with your employees as we know they will be getting the information and absorbing it.  The one-to-one process works hand in hand with our existing online enrollment systems.

Traditional Paper Enrollment  

Our Benefits Consultants will sit down with your employees to educate and enroll them into their voluntary and/or core benefits, and will get a complete and signed enrollment application. This usually takes place in a group setting.

Online Enrollment

Our Benefits Consultants will sit down with your employees and educate them about their benefits. We have worked with clients who have had their online system up and running while we were meeting with each employee.  The Benefit Consultant is trained in detail on the online system and will be able to walk each employee through the process once they are effectively educated on their options.

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